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Selv Desert Immersive Ritual Bath Kit

Selv Desert Immersive Ritual Bath Kit

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The experience

A turnkey bath ritual with grapefruit and sandalwood.

You touch your dream. Close your eyes under strong sunlight. Breathe in the fiery wind that cradles you. The heat rises in you, you are well.  



Just put all the items in the bath, besides the matches.  


You asked us: 

  • Do I put everything in my bath? 

The ultimate goal of doing a bath ritual is to put all the items one by one - even our soy lanterns float - and make a wish, a request to the universe and take this time for you. Everything goes in your bath, except the matches, the stick of Palo Santo (from the complementary kit WOOD) that you will keep out of the water. 


  • How many baths could I take with an immersive kit? 

You can take a bath and put everything in it to live the experience 100%. You will have some incense matches left over or matches for other uses. 

You can also use a three-dip kit. Simply divide the bag into three. 


  • How do we pick up the items after our bath? 

Just bring a bowl before. Towards the end of your bath, quietly pick up the items with your hand, without stress. It's a way to end your experience. Live the gratitude for having this beautiful bath ritual.