Selv Citrus Agrumes Immersive Bath

Selv Citrus Agrumes Immersive Bath

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A light turnkey bath ritual!

The happiness of taking an invigorating citrus bath, it's a yes! 



Just put all the elements in the tub.


You can enhance the experience of the immersive kits with a complementary kit. You can also use it alone. 

  • How many baths could I take with an immersive kit?  

You can take a bath and put everything in it to live the experience 100%. 

You can also use a three-bath kit. Simply divide the sachet into three.  


  • How do we pick up items after our bath?  

Just bring a bowl before. Towards the end of your bath, calmly pick up the items with your hand, without stress. This is a way to end your experience. Live the gratitude for having had this beautiful bath ritual.