Golden Shrimp Plant

Golden Shrimp Plant

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The “shrimp” is grown primarily for its showy flower heads. The easy-to-grow plants produce a year-round profusion of overlapping masses of gold bracts flecked with small white flowers tipped with purple spots, each having two slender petals and long yellow stamens, amid bright green leaves. The flowers last only a few days, but the flower heads last for a long period of time. In warmer climates, golden shrimp plants can grow to be 3-6 feet tall


Golden shrimp do well in bright shade or morning sun; avoid mid-day sun.


Pachystachys lutea grow in most types of well-draining soil, but prefer acidic.


Golden shrimp plants need soil that's continuously moist throughout the year, but reduce watering in winter. High humidity is preferred, so mist leaves regularly.

Temperature and Humidity

Above 60 degrees Fahrenheit is preferred in the summer for golden shrimp plants. In winter, above 55 degrees Fahrenheit is best. Avoid drafts and air-conditioning vents.